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Attribution Model Settings


There are two types of models that can be configured for the product:  Opportunity and Account.

The models are configurable and flexible enough to cover the vast majority of requirements:  

  • The Opportunity model type calculates campaign attribution by looking at the responses that are associated to the contact roles on the Opportunity. 
  • The Account model type calculates attribution by looking at all of the contacts that are associated to the parent account for the Opportunity.

During Trial Mode, only the Opportunity model type is available. Once a license is purchased and the trial is unlocked, the Account model type is made available for use, and Account models can be utilized.

Please note: There are 3 default model types that come with the package and do not require configuration: First Touch, Even Spread and Contact Role Weighted. For more information, visit the Attribution Default Model article.

Who does it Benefit?

Users who want to go beyond using the 3 pre-configured default models will benefit from the ability to configure models type.

What is the Business Value?

The data and business goals of each organization is different and the attribution settings within the various model types allow you to configure a model that aligns your business needs. 

Key Considerations

Before configuring your attribution models, think about your business goals and the analytics you need to make decisions in order to support those goals.

At-a-Glance Model Setting Locations

Both model configurations have eight collapsible sections. The following shows which settings are in each model type, ordered by section. Most settings are in both model types, so for easy visibility -  settings unique to one model type are highlighted in red. To learn more about each refer to Configuring Attribution Models article.

Model Configuration Section Setting Account Model Opportunity Model
General Configuration      
  Label x x
  Currency Field x x
  Days to Filter x x
Contact Type Weighting      
  Primary Contact Weight x x
  Account Weight x  
  Other Contact Weight   x
Opportunity Contact Role Weighting   x x
Campaign Touch Weighting      
  Primary Campaign Source Weight x x
  First Campaign Touch Weight x x
  Last Campaign Touch Weight x x
Campaign and Campaign Member Field Weighting   x x
Exclude Campaigns by Type   x x
Exclude Opportunities by Type   x x
Advanced Configuration Options      
  Lead's Account Weight x  
  Lead Response Weight x  
  Campaign Exclude from Attribution Field x x
  Contact Exclude from Attribution Field x x
  Opportunity Exclude from Attribution Field x x
  Use Opportunity Close Date for Date Filter x x
  Close Date Cut-off x x
  Restrict First Touch Campaign by Date Filter x x
  Capture Zero Amount Attribution Details x x
  Attribution for Account Contacts Only x  
  Use Largest Role Weight x x
  Require Response Date x x
  Always include Primary Campaign Weight x x




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