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Modifies cmpoints to add weight specified by relatedCampaignWeight to CampaignMembers in allresponses that are associated to a Campaign specified in campaignId. 

void relatedCampaignAttribution(
    Id opId,        
    Id campaignId,
    Decimal relatedCampaignWeight,
    Boolean capturePrimaryCampaignWeightOnNoResponses,
    Map<Id, CampaignMember> allresponses,        
    Map<Id, Decimal> cmpoints)


  • opId - Opportunity ID
  • campaignId - The ID of the related Campaign
  • relatedCampaignWeight - Weight attributed to CampaignMembers with a Campaign equal to the Campaign specified by campaignId
  • capturePrimaryCampaignWeightOnNoResponses - When true, If there's a related Campaign (campaignId), but no responses in allresponses, add the weight specified by relatedCampaignWeight to the related Campaign in cmpoints. This is a time where cmpoints can contain an ID of a Campaing instead of a CampaignMember.
  • allresponses - Map of CampaignMembers by their ID, a collection of CampaignMembers that are subject to being attributed weight to the Opportunity specified in opId
  • cmpoints - Map from CampaignMember to attribution weighting points. The points are used to determine what fraction of the Opportunity's revenue it will be attributed
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