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Full Circle Insights


Used for logging purposes - calculates the incremental points added to campaign members.

Map<Id, Decimal> getIncrementalCMpoints(
    Map<Id, Decimal> prevCMpoints,
    Map<Id, Decimal> currentCMpoints)​


  • prevCMpoints - Map from CampaignMember to attribution weighting points
  • currentCMpoints - Map from CampaignMember to attribution weighting points, a modified prevCMpoints


A map from CampaignMembers to attribution weighting points. Contains all the CampaignMembers in currentCMpoints. CampaignMember's mapped value is equal to their mapped value in currentCMpoints subtracted from their mapped value in prevCMpoints. If they don't exist in prevCMpoints, then it equals their mapped value in currentCMpoints.

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