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Builds WeightingInfoTableData where the first row is the column names and each subsequent row is the weighting info per response

List<String> buildLoggingTable(
    List<String> WeightingInfoTableHeaders,
    Map<String, Map<Id, Decimal>> columnsByCmPoints,
    Map<Id, String> campaignNameByCmId,
    Set<Id> responseIds)


  • WeightingInfoTableHeaders - List of Strings that will be used as column heads
  • columnsByCmPoints - Map from column header to map of Campaign or CampaignMember IDs to their attributed attribution weighting points
  • campaignNameByCmId - Map from CampaignMember ID to the name of the Campaign its associated to
  • responseIds - Response IDs of CampaignMembers with attributed attribution weighting points.


List of strings that are used to set the TableData property in an instance of a class that implements FCI_CampaignInfluenceAPI.WeightingInfo

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