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Campaign Attribution Data Model

The campaign attribution database is built on a custom object called Campaign Attribution Detail.  During attribution calculations this database is rebuilt.

The Campaign Attribution Detail object has lookup fields to objects related to the calculated attribution. Attribution reporting is driven off this object, and these lookup relationships allow your Attribution reporting to be truly customized to your organization’s way of reporting, with custom grouping, segmentations, and comprehensive drill-down to the details.

A single response may have attribution for multiple opportunities. For each distinct attribution instance (for example, a response attribution calculation tied to a specific opportunity) a Campaign Attribution Detail record will be created.  So the number of Campaign Attribution Detail records is not the same as the number of responses that were influential. In some cases they are the same, for example – if you are looking at the number of Campaign Attribution Detail objects related to a specific Opportunity and your custom attribution models do not reference additional objects (such as opportunity line items).

On multi-currency organizations, all attribution amounts on the Campaign Attribution Detail object are stored in the default organization currency. The attribution models will automatically convert Opportunity amounts to the organization currency as needed for attribution calculations.


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