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Campaign Attribution 2.2 Release Notes

Version 2.2 of Full Circle Campaign Attribution contains a number of new features, as well as improvements and fixes. Highlights are below in the Release-at-a-Glance.

Release Schedule

Name Description Date
Manual Update The release will be available on the AppExchange to allow you to manually update your org(s) 04/11/2017
Sandbox Update All Campaign Attribution installs in Sandboxes will receive the update automatically 04/12/2017
Production Update All Campaign Attribution installs in production orgs will receive the update automatically 04/17/2017

Release Summary

Item Type Automatically visible to all users Not automatically visible, requires some setup Contact Support to enable
Field Synchronization New Feature X    
Remove Custom Trial Experience Improvement   X  
Don't create attribution requests outside of date range Improvement X    
"Exclude by Type" fails with long API names Bug X    

New Features

Field Synchronization

To help with reporting, Campaign Attribution Field Synchronization allows users to Synchronization values from the Campaign Member record to the corresponding Campaign Attribution Detail record.

How To Use: A Field Synchronization button has been added to the Campaign Attribution Main Configuration page. 


Clicking this button takes you to the Full Circle Campaign Attribution Field Synchronization page, where you can map Campaign Member fields to Campaign Attribution Detail fields. 


To map, scroll to the 'Select New Fields to Synchronize' section, select a source Campaign Member field and then a target field on the Campaign Attribution Detail object for synchronization. The list of available target fields will match the field type of the campaign member field such as text field to text field or date field to date field.

NOTE: Salesforce standard fields and Campaign Attribution fields are not selectable. 


Remove Custom Trial Experience

When Campaign Attribution was first released, Full Circle Insights offered a custom trial experience, but will now be using the Salesforce standard trial experience. Impact on existing users is minimal. 

Don't create attribution requests outside of date range

This efficiency improvement only impacts customers who use the "Only calculate attribution on opportunities created from this date on" setting in Advanced Configuration. Instead of creating all Campaign Attribution Detail records and then using only those within the date range, Campaign Attribution will only create Campaign Attribution Detail records within the date range. This will not impact calculations, only increase efficiency.

Bug Fixes

Configuring "Exclude by Type" fails when selected values are too long 

This is an edge case that could impact a small set of users. Within each model there are features which allow users to exclude Campaigns and Opportunities based on Type:

  • Exclude Campaigns By Type
  • Exclude Opportunities By Type

If users make multiple selections, the total number of characters may exceed the Salesforce limit of 255. If that happens, users will be redirected to a work-around.



Do you need assistance or have questions? Contact our Customer Success team by logging a case in the Full Circle Customer Success Community.

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