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Assignment & Notification


These days most companies don’t need our assignment engine.  This functionality was developed before assignment was a standard function of marketing automation tools.  If your company has implemented the RM Assignment feature it may be performing the following functions.  

  • Trigger ownership changes out of queues back to reps 
  • Trigger a third party assignment engine such as distribution engine

Your project documentation details how this has been set up.


As with Assignment most companies are doing their own notifications.  Full Circle can send notifications to record owners under the following conditions:

  • On a new active response

  • On an additional response

  • Responses go to the OWNER of the lead/contact

Things to consider:

  • We have limited additional delegated notifications on the user record for a specific user or email address.  
  • There is a campaign notification override that gives more granularity to restrict notifications at a specific campaign level.
  • We don’t notify on response prompt campaigns unless specifically requested.
  •  An org-wide email address is required to use this functionality.
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