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Matchmaker and Campaign Influence Metrics

View and attribute revenue to responses related to leads

Response Management campaign influence calculations attribute revenue to marketing responses related to opportunities. This allows you to report on the following types of multi-touch campaign metrics:

  • Which opportunities were influenced by campaigns
  • How much revenue specific campaign responses influenced
  • Where in the sales cycle, are campaign responses generated?
  • Who responded to the marketing campaigns that influenced opportunities, even if they are not listed as opportunity contact roles. 

As you know, people can be in your salesforce database as a lead or contact. Often times, when an opportunity is generated at an account, not all of the leads related to an account are converted to contacts. For Accounts with open opportunities, unconverted leads that engage with marketing assets, may not be seen as influencing that opportunity.  Without a lead relationship to the account, there is no way to account for how leads are influencing opportunities.

Full Circle Matchmaker links leads to accounts by populating the Matched Account field on the lead. The Response Management Account Based influence model can leverage this link and calculate influence on campaign responses related to leads.

What does this mean to you? It means you no longer have a blind spot where the lead database is concerned. With this feature you can report on and demonstrate the revenue impact of campaign responses within the lead database.

How to set it up

Calculating campaign influence on leads is supported in the Response Management Default Account Based model. From the Campaign Influence main configuration tab you can select a new model or edit an existing Default Account Based Model.

Select or edit an Account Based Model

Expand the Advanced Configuration Options section at the bottom of the model configuration. 

Select Lead's Account Field drop down and navigate to the value Matched Account. If you have configured Matchmaker to reference a different lead-to-account lookup field you may reference that field instead.

Configure Lead's Account Field and Weight

Set a value in the Lead Response Weight field. This weighting will apply to all responses generated for leads related to the account. Other campaign-based weights and exclusions will also apply to these campaign responses such as campaign or campaign member field weights.

What do the metrics look like?

In aggregate you will see the metrics shift. For an example, we can look at the influence metrics for a specific opportunity through the use of the Deal Explorer button.

In the image below you can see how the revenue distribution differs based on whether or not the model is looking at responses from lead records.

Let's look at this information in a report and see where the revenue was distributed based on the ability to calculate influence metrics on leads.

The models below do even weighted distribution. You can see in the image below, that with model 2, which looks at lead responses as well as contact responses, we are attributing revenue to nine additional responses that belong to leads. 

To get into the weeds, the record that the reports are generated from, the Campaign Influence Detail object, has a reference to the Lead record in the Lead lookup field:

The influence metrics lower down on the page indicate that this lead's response was not influential in model 1 (Contacts only) but was influential in model 2 (Contacts & Leads)

The Lead field populated on the Campaign Influence Detail record will allow you to report on leads, and additional information about the leads. To add additional lead fields, adjust your campaign influence custom report type.


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