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Enhanced Lead Assignment with Matchmaker

Enhanced Lead Assignment

Response Management is designed with third party assignment tools in mind. Lead assignment can be configured to assign the lead to a temporary user or Queue. Response Management will wait for the lead to be reassigned by a third party assignment engine, such as Matchmaker, before completing its processing steps such as sending notifications or setting first owner metrics on the campaign member record. 

Below is a slightly simplified Response Management data flow. We are bypassing the logic of how an 'Active Response' AKA new MQL, is generated and showing you the post-processing steps that would include assignment. 


Response Management Assignment with Matchmaker

About Response Management Assignments

  • Assignment only happens if the incoming campaign member is a new active response, traditionally called a new 'MQL' or some such qualified funnel designation. 
  • Assignment only happens if the current lead owner is configured as being subject to reassignment in Response Management configuration.
  • When configuring Response Management to use a third party lead assignment engine, such as Matchmaker, make sure your assignment rules will result in the lead owner changing. The application is waiting for another ownership change to complete processing.

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you use this Response Management with Matchmaker you can assign leads based on Matched Account criteria. For example, if a lead is matched to a targeted Account, you can reassign the lead to the account owner, or even an account-team role.

Response Management can assign a lead to a 'temporary' user or queue, and then wait for the lead ownership to change.  Matchmaker works seamlessly with Response Management because its assignment can be triggered when a lead is assigned to a specific user or Queue.  You can even choose to auto-convert a lead based on Matched account criteria and map the lead's status value to the related contact. 

Learn more about Matchmaker's assignment capabilities.

Response Management Assignment Configuration

Access Response Management assignment configuration by going to Setup > Installed Packages > Configure (By Full Circle Insights Response Management) > Assignment button. 

Response Management Assignment Configuration Button

Below is a sample configuration that will route a lead, when it has a new active response, out of specified queues, to a temporary queue - to be picked up by Matchmaker for routing.

This is what the data flow logic looks like, with the blue boxes corresponding to the configuration above: 

Response Management Matchmaker Assignment flow example 1

Reminder: Make sure Matchmaker rules will change the lead owner from the temporary owner (in this case the Lead Routing Queue) to a new owner.

Matchmaker Assignment Configuration

Matchmaker assigns after a match attempt, whether or not a match was found. Matchmaker assignment can be configured to Match and assign based on an ownership change to a specific user or queue. 

In the Matchmaker assignment configuration below, a lead will be matched and assigned when the lead owner changes to the Lead Routing Queue. This setting, along with the Response Management configuration in the previous section, will allow for a seamless integration with Response Management and Matchmaker.

Matchmaker assignment based on ownership change to Lead Routing Queue

Learn more about Matchmaker's assignment capabilities.


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